Retail Services

From a full bodied cup of Brioni’s as an in store offering to our end cap program, we have a comprehensive retail program that is sure to boost coffee sales and add to your bottom line.


Brioni’s Ground Bagged Coffees: Our line of retail bagged coffees feature our finest ground coffees in a 12 oz. bag , as well as our one of its kind Healthy Morning Coffee that delivers 4 grams of pre-biotic dietary fiber with every cup.


Brioni’s Whole Bean offerings feature our most popular line of roasts and single origin coffees. The program is offered on its own or as part of our end cap program. The program includes whole bean hoppers/dispensers and retail grinders.


Brioni’s Single Cup offerings include our environmentally friendly alternative to the K cup, The Green Cup. A 100% compostable pod of our award winning line that offers a better extracted cup of coffee at a lower price, all the while with a more positive impact on the environment. We even offer an adapter so you can use the Green Cup Pods in your Keurig brewer.


In store Coffee: Your customers will enjoy a luxurious cup of Brioni’s Ultra- Premium Coffee while they shop. Our in store program includes brewing equipment, and attractive point of sale items, including serving stations, servers and cups all with a coordinated graphics program. A great way to enhance the shopping experience.